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how do I download apps directly to my Android phone?

I need to know how to download apps directly to the Android phone, not using the computer. the file ends in APK.

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3 Responses to “how do I download apps directly to my Android phone?”

  1. Mista TKO said :

    from what I understand, you download the .apk file directly to the storage card that is inserted in the computer, remove the storage card from the computer, place it back into your phone and then you will be able to use a file explorer like Astrid(?) to navigate to the .apk file and install it from there.

    I believe you can find .apk files from Google. i.e. do a google search for the program that you want and include the .apk term into the search

    Also, I’m pretty new to this site but I believe that the people on usually put up .apk’s all the time.

  2. Luke said :

    I have linked (in the source) a tutorial to do this.

  3. Ganesh Pisal said :

    Thanks. Very good answer.


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