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How do I equip a PC to communicate with a wireless router?

We’d like to put a desktop PC in a room in our house that has no phone line. We’ve got a wireless router that the laptop can talk to, but we’d like to equip the PC to talk to the router as well. (Currently, the PC can talk to the router by cable only.) Is there a device we can hook up to the PC to enable it to talk to the router? What would such a device be called?

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2 Responses to “How do I equip a PC to communicate with a wireless router?”

  1. GTB said :

    You need a wireless network adapter. These can be USB or pci style. If you are uncomfortable installing a card inside the pc, get a USB style.

  2. eastpacifica said :

    I think you are talking about a PCI wireless card
    Linksys makes great wireless equipment.
    Here is a link for more information
    Or if you are looking for an easier solution, you can buy USB wireless devices. They will also allow you to connect wirelessly to a network without opening the computer. Here is another linksys link with some information.


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