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How Do i get a dvd disc out of my dvd player?

I really need the disc and it won’t come out, like it slid into the dvd player and won’t come out.

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2 Responses to “How Do i get a dvd disc out of my dvd player?”

  1. think_tank said :

    Carefully open your DVD player or get a pair of tweezer and try if you can reach the disc.

  2. rowlfe said :

    OK, MOST DVD players have a small hole near the drawer which is a manuakl release of the catch which holds the drawer closed. Use an unfolded paper clip in this hole to trip the release and the drawer will pop open enough for you to grab it and pull it open. Some do NOT have this release. If your player will NOT eject the DVD using the built-in controls to eject the DVD, then it is likely damaged beyond repair and then you can afford to use brute force, and literally pull open the drawer. After all, if you have NO other way to eject the disk, and the player refuses to cooperate, then you are only left with brute force. Brute force may damage the mechanism which controls the drawer. However, what do you have to lose if the player refuses to cooperate and there is no external release? If there is no release hole in the front, then you might consider taking off the cover, the top or bottom, to get at the internals. You MAY be able to find the catch which prevents the door from opening and trip in manually. On my DVD recorder, the hole is NOT obvious, but when I examined the slot around the drawer, there it was, a hole to release the drawer, cleverly hidden from view in the slot below the drawer. Look closely as the hole for the manual external release as like with my recorder, it may NOT be obvious.


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