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How do I get my wifi to recognize a new computer?

My old computer connects fine to the wifi, as does another laptop. My new laptop connects to every other wifi in town, but not the one at my home. I am using a Motorola router.

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4 Responses to “How do I get my wifi to recognize a new computer?”

  1. amglstl said :

    You probaly need the WEP key from your router to be able to connect wireless.

  2. Aski said :

    Follow these steps … I am guessing you have Vista.

    1) Set up the wireless thro your new laptop connecting thro ethernet cable
    2) Go to the router homepage ( or something like that) and check the wireless SSID name
    3) Use a name which you can easily identify .. (when i see available wireless, i have like 10 named linksys .. just people are lazy)
    4) Remove the ethernet cable from your laptop and refresh your available networks
    5) If the name still doesn’t show up, disable and enable the wireless adapter in your laptop (right click will help you)
    6) Refresh now … and you shld be able to see your network.
    7) If this still doesnt work, reboot ur router (wait for 5 seconds before starting back) and the laptop.
    8) If this all fails, call support.

    good luck 🙂

  3. Gavin J said :

    type in to get to your routers settings and see if you have security enabled. If you do, then you have to have the security key. The username is root and the password is admin

  4. Zack Trilt said :

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