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How do i get Wifi working on Ubuntu?

I have a compaq laptop and a dual-boot of Vista and Ubuntu. I cant get Ubuntu to recognise that i have a Wifi card installed.

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3 Responses to “How do i get Wifi working on Ubuntu?”

  1. 16k-zx81 said :

    you read the information on the Ubuntu support website telling you to use madwifi and ndiswrapper…?!

  2. darrelljon said :

    Are you sure it hasn’t been recognised?
    There are a few commands you can type into the terminal to see if it has been recognised. I’d type them here but you ought to find them for yourself for good security. Have a look at the links below anyway.

  3. Mike A R Powell said :

    Strangely enough, our Compaq laptop running Ubuntu 10.04 will only connect to wi-fi if the wi-fi button next to the power button is pressed twice after booting up. Just pressing twice and waiting a few seconds does the trick for us. Also the light on the button changes from orange to blue and back to orange whenever it feels like it! We’re not worried; it’s a small price to pay to see the back of Vista.


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