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How do i implement a WiFi hotspot to effectively cover i Kilometre radius with good signal strenght.?

With what kind of equipment can i achieve an effective WiFi hotspot service to cover a i kilometre radius

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3 Responses to “How do i implement a WiFi hotspot to effectively cover i Kilometre radius with good signal strenght.?”

  1. G said :

    One consumer access point doesn’t have that kind of range. IF you are going to be using consumer electronics, you’re going to need multiple access points. The only other way is to have a really strong access point built and really strong wifi cards for all computers within a 1km radius.

  2. Billybob said :

    You will need a very powerful high-gain transceiver antenna to do that with, and powerful wi-fi cards on all machines with access to the network. I’m talking powerful enough that if you held a bag of popcorn next to it the popcorn would start to pop. Nothing you can get at a consumer electronics store is that powerful. Think commercial, or military strength.

  3. mukansamonkey said :

    What you need is called a mesh, it consists of many transceivers that are cabled back to a central router(s) designed for mesh integration (basically it ensures that each computer is only talking to one transceiver at a time, and handing off to other transceivers as the computer moves around).
    A safe range for most laptops is 20 meters. That assumes there’s nothing hefty blocking the signal, like sold steel walls. So you’ve got 400 square meters per transceiver. You need to cover 1 million square meters, so you’re talking about um, 2,500 transceivers. Now if you’re talking about an open warehouse kind of environment the range will be much more than 20 meters. However, the wifi units in computers are low power, designed for short range, so even if you have line of sight between the computer and the transceiver I don’t think you’d get a 50 meter range.


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