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How do I increase wifi signal in apartment?

I live in an apartment complex and my laptop picks up about 3 wifi signals with different names. I kind of piggyback off these internet wifi signals but they’re all about only 2 bars and they’re slow. Is there any accessory I can buy to increase the signal strength for my laptop?

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6 Responses to “How do I increase wifi signal in apartment?”

  1. Matt said :

    You can take some aluminum foil and make a makeshift satalite dish near the reciever, touching the laptop, and point it towards the source….you will have an increase of between 10-25%

  2. Colanth said :

    “Piggybacking” is theft of service and unauthorized use of a computer – both felonies on the federal level.

    You increase the signal by BUYING internet service of your own.

  3. Anatol Kuragin said :


  4. BCboi said :

    Try buying a Linksys wireless-N network adapter. model no. WUSB300N. I have a weak signal too and it works well for me. It cost about $70-80. Tell your neighbors to keep their wifi signal out of your apartment = )

    Re: This is what it looks like…it is smaller than it looks…about the size of a credit card.


  5. Lauryn Dage said :

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  6. Herminia Mcdonell said :

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