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How do I know if my pc is all set to go wireless?

I want to go wireless on my pc and I have found a router, but there are 2 to choose from. One if my pc is wireless enabled and one if it is not. So how do I check my pc and find out which I need.

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6 Responses to “How do I know if my pc is all set to go wireless?”

  1. Damio said :

    take away all the wires and see if it works

  2. Miss Terry said :

    go to control panel then system then device manager then network adapters if its wi fi enabled there will be something in here saying so

  3. palon1957 said :

    In this day and age of people being lazy, wireless has become so unsafe. People can intercept the signal and access your computer. I wouldn’t use anything wireless except for my car door opening button. Why do you want wireless?

  4. id36uk said :

    It is unlikely that you have a wireless card in the PC unless you put one in already.

    Get a USB one they are easiest to set up.
    and only cost about £ 10-15

    The wireless router (broadband) should cost no more than £ 30 and £ 40 if ADSL

  5. Neo said :

    Go to Control pannel and click “NETWORK CONNECTIONS” it shows all connections available. if it shows “Wireless Network Connection” along with other available connections(like “Local Area Connection”) then you have a wireless Network card installed on your PC. then Using the CD that came with your Router Install your router WIRED first, once installed you can go wireless.
    But if “Wireless Network Connection” does’nt show up in your network connections then probably you dont have one. you need to buy either a “Wireless Card” or a “Wireless USB Adapter” then you might be able to go wireless.

    Either way dont forget to install the router WIRED first.

    Good Luck!!

  6. ray j said :

    look in my network connections


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