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How do I know if my pc is bluetooth enabled?

I need to sync my PC and palm (OS) wirelessly and how do I know if my PC is capable?

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4 Responses to “How do I know if my pc is bluetooth enabled?”

  1. dromyl said :

    Right Click on My Computers –> Go To Properties –> Device Manager — Just Checkout whether List shows Bluetooth Device

  2. Andy T said :

    Try to run bluetooth software, see if it has any mention of Bluetooth node on that PC. Usually a good indication is the Bluetooth logo icon on System Tray.

    Then setup a Bluetooth Virtual Serial Port on the PC, I have no cradle but Bluetooth sync on my Tungsten T3 too.

  3. Mahesh Khanna T said :

    Hope you have a bluetooth dongle (a device that is connected to computer to enable bluetooth services) If you once insert the bluetooth dongle in an USB port. your system will automatically detect it as ‘Blue Tooth Device Found’, if not it says new item found. Normally Windows XP with service pack 2 is bluetooth enabled.

    Another way to check bluetooth is … go to control panel and if you could see ‘blueetooth’ icon in the list, then ur system is bluetooth enabled

    hope this helps you out


  4. Porter Mollett said :

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