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How do I make a PC/XP and Laptop/vista work together via a wireless router using the same printer?

I have a PC running windows XP connected to a wireless router and a printer. I just bought a laptop with a wireless card and I want to connect PC, Laptop and Printer to work together with the laptop as a network wirelessly.

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5 Responses to “How do I make a PC/XP and Laptop/vista work together via a wireless router using the same printer?”

  1. T_B said :

    Share the Printer from XP, you should be able to print to it from Vista. It’s nearly impossible the other way around.

  2. Freddy said :

    umm, easy you just have to make a PC/XP and Laptop/vista work together via a wireless router using the same printer

  3. SimpleGuy said :

    One best way to work it out is to buy a printer server from ebay or any electronic stores such as bestbuy or radioshack but the cheapest one is on ebay. It should cost you less than 30 bucks and I would really recommend that because you don’t need to plug in your USB printer cable when your printing something.

    Most people say that printer sharing between computer is also one option but VISTA and XP is really hard to share for some reason.

  4. bella said :

    You should have no problem connecting the laptop to the wireless internet, hen you start it, there should be a software that automatically detects the wireless internet (it may ask you to enter security details for your wireless network that can be found on your router) Note: you may have to turn the wireless network card for the laptop on, if it’s not automatically detecting the internet, instructions for this should be in the booklet that came with the laptop. As for the printer, you need to check to make sure the printer itself is compatible with vista, if it is, then you should be able to go to the website of the printer manufacturer IE Dell, HP and download driver software to your laptop. The driver software should make the printer work from the laptop and if your printer is already working from the PC then you should be all set.

  5. The Phlebob said :

    You should be able to print on any printer on your network, even if it’s attached to another machine. XP machines should be able to simply Share the printer from the machine it’s attached to.

    If the machine with the printer has Windows XP and the other has Windows Vista, you have to do a bit more than that. Try this:

    1.On the XP machine, set the printer to Sharing in the Printers and Faxes dialog box.
    2.On the Vista machine, get to the Add A Printer dialog.
    3.Click Add a local Printer. (Yes, I know it’s on the network, but trust me.)
    4.Click the Create a new port radio button. Leave the type of port set to Local Port.
    5.Click the Next button.
    6.In the Port Name text box, enter the printer’s name, complete with the other machine’s name (e.g. \Bob’s MachineBob’s Printer).
    7.Click OK.

    Sorry, but I haven’t tried sharing a printer on a Vista machine with an XP machine.

    Hope that helps.


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