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How do I make my piece of shit slow computer faster without buying a new one?

I literally deleted almost every possible thing on my computer (even the sound files on aciddent :O) except for the internet and it is still slow as shit, Help! Obviously if I can afford to buy a new one I would not be asking this. So don’t suggest that please. 😀

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12 Responses to “How do I make my piece of shit slow computer faster without buying a new one?”

  1. Brett said :

    As the hardware gets older and older, it will get slower and slower, you eventually will have to buy another computer.

  2. Mopar Muscle Gal said :

    check your internet service server
    check yo see if you can upgrade to a faster setting

  3. jimmy pop89 said :

    Can you please provide some information so we can help you a little better?

    What operating system are you running?
    How much RAM do you have installed?
    How old is the computer?

    You can check the OS and RAM by clicking:

    Start > (Right Click) My Computer > Properties

  4. Helper Monkey said :

    Defragging might help.
    RAM is cheap. You might be able to max out your system for 50 bucks depending on the type.
    Re-installing windows might help, because they’re could be a lot of hidden stuff on your comp somewhere.

  5. masterchef108 said :

    don’t delete anything because if you delete the right thing your computer could be screwed up forever. just do a google search for disk and registry cleaners. if this could be a suggestion i use wise disk and registry cleaners!!! they work really good. I also recommend ccleaner.

  6. MF SHEIKH said :

    1 do Fresh Installation of Windows OS
    2 then Install Avast Free or Pro + Malware’Bytes Antimalware and Enable Built in Firewall ASAP!
    3 then Install eBooster (google it) and use it with 4GB USB flash drive ( its cheap 5$ to 7$) and follow the instruction.
    4 Install Ccleaner + Smart Defragger: use them daily

    5 For browsing use Opera browser (Best for slow computers) instead of Internet explorer firefox chrome.

    6 If u can afford and ur machine have some empty ram slots then add Ram atleast 256 mb on motherbord’s empty Ram slot.

    with throcks abovev u can speed up ur pc like new…without buyin new one..

  7. Shaun Batista said :

    I would say you first of all scan your system with any good system cleaner such as Reginout to clean your system of excessive data that gives errors and cause slowdown. Also, uninstall unnecessary programs. I hope your problem will be solved. Few more steps will also help you:

    1. Make Sure Your Hardware is Sufficient: Above and beyond everything you can do with software to optimize the function of your computer, making sure you have the proper hardware to support Windows is critical.

    2. Clean Your Desktop: Is your Windows Desktop dotted with files? Have you noticed that your computer has been running slower and slower? Do you see the hard drive light often flashing while you wait for the computer to respond to an action? There are steps you can take to fix it. Read this article.

    3. Scan Your Windows System for Errors: An operating system is a collection of files that perform different functions. It is possible, over time, that one or more of these system files has changed or become corrupted. If this happens, the speed of your system may decrease. By using a utility called “System File Checking”, it will inspect these files and correct any problem it finds.

    4. Scan for Viruses, Spyware and Adware: Every Windows computer is vulnerable to viruses. Viruses are nasty little programs that cause both major and minor problems for users. Spyware and Adware are programs created by companies to find out more information about customers, so they can better market products to them. Spyware and Adware can load into computer memory and slow it down.Periodically scanning and removal of Viruses, Spyware and Adware is a great way to improve computer performance.

    5. Uninstall Unused Programs: Over time, you may have accumulated programs on your computer that you do not use. When a program is installed, it creates connections between the program and the operating system. Even if you don’t use these programs, they can slow down your system. If you have the original program’s installation disk or file, removing programs will free up space on your computer and may speed up your system’s performance.

    6. Adjust Visual Effects for Better Performance: Windows provides a number of interesting visual effects including animated windows and fading menus. If you do not have enough operating memory (see above number 1), these effects can slow down your computer. Adjusting or reducing visual effects can make a difference.

    7. Don’t Automatically Start Programs: Programs use operating memory (RAM, also called system resources). Unless you always use these programs, you can keep them from loading at Windows startup and speed both the booting of your computer and its performance. Manage startup programs using reginout.

    8. Defragment Your Hard Drive: The more information and programs you have on your computer, the more it is likely that Windows has placed parts of the same file in different locations on your hard drive. It may do this for hundreds of files and programs, depending on how much space is available. Defragmenting the hard drive places all information for each file in one place. The result can be a faster computer experience.

  8. Fangjia Laster said :

    The Windows Registry is the master control center for your operating system and applications it runs. Corruption or overload registry issues can cause all sorts of pc performance problems, including poor application startup times, slow Windows start-up, extremely slow shut down, slow internet surfing,inability to resume from computer sleep and more.Cleaning,compacting, and optimizing your Windows registry can go a long way to dramatically speeding up your computer’s performance, start-up and shutdown speed.
    Recommended: Run a Registry Scan Now to Detect Errors and Improve your PC’s speed instantly!

  9. Smith R said :

    delete everything on your desktop, cause that takes memory. and move all your files to a flash drive.
    the cheapest way

  10. Specify Gs said :

    Clean windows registry can speed up the computer.
    Over time, you install new programs, uninstalled unimportant programs, update software’s, install new devices,
    download files from the web, etcetera, hence embarking all records in the registry system.
    This is normal, but it is not wise to leave it untouched.
    Once in a while, you have to check and remove files that are no longer in use to maintain the speed of your PC.
    Clean registry make pc faster.

  11. Jaquelyn Chandrasekhar said :

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