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How do I password protect my wifi?

I have a dlink dir615 wireless n home router.
I’ve tried to log in using the default username an password and default IP and it won’t let me. It would yesterday to set it up though.

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5 Responses to “How do I password protect my wifi?”

  1. joe said :

    you should be able to go to a hardwired computer and type into a browser window and see the router. If you set up an administrative password for the router you should enter it at this screen. If you didn’t set up an administrative password for the router, leave the password line blank and hit enter.

    Note: there is a difference between an administrative password and a WEP or WPA passcode set up for wireless. You may have set the wireless up but not an administrative password.

  2. sqrooup said :

    Re; Joe’s answer
    If it does not work with try

  3. Ali Elshikh said :

    you can use the manual if u lose it u can download it

  4. JoPP said :

    DLINKS —–
    you have to reset them (by unplugging and replugging the power cord) when something goes wrong with it alot. thats what I found, i have a bell router now, works awesome. if this does not solve the problem, heres how to solve it.

    depends on how your router is set up.
    try a wired connection to one of the ports on the router.
    because the option of only allowing wired devices to configure settings on the router MIGHT be turned on.
    now, like said by others, try,, or (these are the most common) in your web browser (Internet explorer, Mozilla firefox, Google chrome). Sometimes it is different than these addresses (this is the address of your router that you are typing in, or “default gateway” because your router acts like a gate, that’s how I like to think of it), again, depends on your router, and how it is set up. you can see what your default gateway is if you cannot get to your router’s web-based interface by typing these common ip addresses of routers (or default gateway). go to network connections, click your connection that you use to connect to the internet, right click, go to my properties, click on the TCP/IP protocol, click properties, then you might be able to see it there, if not right click on your network connection in the lower right of your screen (in the quick launch bar, with the start menu bar) and then click “status” it might be there, (what you are looking for is the default gateway by the way). if not, go to your start menu, click Run (I am using XP, vista and windows 7 I do not know how to do this, but find the “run” program in your operating system. type “cmd” in the “open” field, then hit enter. once there, it should be a black old school screen waiting for you to type something. Type “ipconfig” and It should be there.

    once you have found the default gateway, type that into your web browser. now there will be a screen that asks you for a username and password, usually it is admin (username) and blank (for the password) if this does not work, try administrator for username and admin for password, all routers are different, fiddle around with all of those and try different combinations of username/password. user-name/password should also be on the back of your router as well. Or in the case where someone has hacked your router and set up their own username/password, then reset the router, which can be a pain to get it back up and running if you do not know your modem’s password, in which case you would have to call bell or rogers or whoever your ISP is.

    once you get into the router’s web-based interface, try to find wireless settings, and then try to find wireless security settings, in there you should be able to find out how to set your password, make sure wireless security is turned on, then follow the web based interface, and voila! don’t forget your password, or you will have to reset the router :D.

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