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How do I password protect my wifi for more than 1 computer?

We have one 2 PC’s a laptop and a Mac laptop in our house – all using wifi.
we need to set up a password for the wifi to make it more secure. Our router is a Netgear. None of us are very technically minded, so could you please explain to us in ‘basic’ language how to do this?!


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3 Responses to “How do I password protect my wifi for more than 1 computer?”

  1. Leapmanster said :

    go to your internet browser, firefox, opera or even internet explorer.

    type in the address bar “” to bring up the router settings page

    it will give you the default username and password on the bottom of the router itself.

    the webpage which it gives you to change settings is pretty straight forward, look for the options on the left. One will be “security options” or similar, you want to enable “WEP” codes, which are encrypted passwords, it shouldnt be too hard to figure out, but it will be slightly different for every router model, but its generally all the same.

    Once this WEP password is set up, you need to use the wireless setup wizard in windows and Airport on the mac to enter the same password, in its encrypted or cleartext form.

  2. GTB said :

    Your best answer is to pull out the Netgear manual, go to the wireless security section and read from there. We cannot repeat the manual in this forum and the manual provides the specific “how to” instruction.

    You have to log onto the router and configure. Always use a wired link to router to configure or upgrade its firmware; never a wireless link.

    The overview for security is:

    1. Change the SSID away from factory default; when you are fully complete you will disable SSID. Do not use an SSID that is easily recognized (e.g. jsmithresidence or 2219elmst, etc).
    2. Activate Encryption; WPA with Preshare Key if it is available on your router. Make the preshare key (really a password) a complex one with numbers, upper and lower case letters, at least 12 characters long; record it as you will need it later.
    3. Invoke MAC address validation. Enter the MAC address of each pc’s wireless interface in the MAC address list on the router.
    4. Save the configuration on the router.

    On each pc, configure the wireless network card to match the ssid, encryption, enter preshare key. Once properly done each pc should log on readilly. Troubleshoot as is needed.

    After all pcs are able to log on, go back to router and shut off SSID, save configuration and you are done.

    Do not rush through this. Budget 2 hours for this.

    Take it one step at a time. Record what you are doing as you will need it later.

  3. Joane Elwell said :

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