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How do I put my android apps onto my SD card?

I have just bought an HTC Desire on T-Mobile (UK) but already it is starting to say ‘memory low’ and I noticed that there is nothing on my 4GB micro SD card, so all the apps must be on the phone’s internal memory. How do I put it all onto the microSD card?

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3 Responses to “How do I put my android apps onto my SD card?”

  1. NoraCat said :

    You can’t use the memory on the SD card as an extension of the phone’s internal memory; they are used for different things. Apps only use the phone’s internal memory.

    To prevent your phone from saying “memory low”, uninstall some apps, or when you are done with an app, instead of pressing Home, press Back (that’s more likely to cause the app to really exit; if you just press Home the app is more likely to remain running – but a lot depends on the app).

    Finally, you could also try installing a Task Killer app and use it to kill programs you aren’t using. But task killers are not an ideal solution as they can make your phone act weird if you kill the wrong thing; they also don’t really do much to improve performance or save battery life.

    P.S. There are some apps like Astro that will let you “back up” other apps to the SD card, but all it is doing is making a copy of the app that you could reinstall later; backing up the app doesn’t move it out of the phone’s internal memory.

  2. Luke said :

    When we can root our HTC Desires then you can set your SD card to store apps on it.

  3. dodgers said :

    ya if u root ur phone u can partition the sd card and store apps on it


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