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How do I rebroadcast a wifi signal without a repeater?

My schools free wifi doesn’t reach the dorms, but I have a wifi antenna. I want to use the antenna to pull the weak signal, and then rebroadcast it via a normal wifi router. But how would i go about doing this? Thanks

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2 Responses to “How do I rebroadcast a wifi signal without a repeater?”

  1. CantBeliveHelp said :

    Connect an acces point via a long ethernet cable and put it near to you.

  2. grant said :

    To start you could get a netgeat print server…. That’s what I have in my living room to wire my TV, PS3 and Dish DVR to the internet…

    So well that will get you the signal… Then you could make a wired connection from the print server to another wireless router… Which can point-to-point to another wireless… The only issue may be setting up the printer sever…..


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