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How do i repair my pc from not being able to install any software?

My pc is infected with a virus and i was thinking of formating to just have it refreshed unfurtunately it doesn’t accept any program when it comes to install any software.

It can read any software but can not install giving a message that there is a file missing.

How do i repair it if it does not take anything.


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3 Responses to “How do i repair my pc from not being able to install any software?”

  1. athlonxp81 said :

    try an online virus scan such as:

    Then try to find the name of the virus. That way you can google the virus name and find ways to remove it.

  2. andy t said :

    be nice if we knew the name of the file that was missing

    you are logged in as administrator aren’t you?

  3. Computer Repair Perth said :

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