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How do I secure my WiFi internet connection?

I am sharing broadband internet connection using a Netgear router. My router is connected to the DSL modem, which in turn is connected to my desktop. I access internet through my laptop using wifi. How do I make my wifi network secure?

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5 Responses to “How do I secure my WiFi internet connection?”

  1. phoenix said :

    well the software that should come with it should have an option if you just look around the settings

  2. Randy said :

    Check up WEP or WPA settings in your router control panel, but remember, that wpa encrypting takes more router’s resources so your wifi speed will be less using wpa, then using wep

  3. Aj said :

    when you first set up your network connection you should have been asked if you wanted to set up a WEP or WPA password protected network if you click no then you are greatly at risk because anyone can connect to your network. If you clicked yes then you should be fairly protected against the average computer user. If you clicked no you can look on as to how you can change the settings of you netgear router and add a WEP or WPA encryption password.

  4. woteva said :

    Type in the address of your router (probably or similar) which is the same as your default gateway (well it is your default gateway) into your web browser. Sign in to the router using either the default details or the settings you chose during setup. Set wireless security using the GUI. WPA2 is best but won’t be compatible with a nintendo ds or any legacy hardware (old computers) if you have one (works with wii and everything else). If you have ds/legacy use WEP

  5. Network Cabling Service  said :

    Login to the router’s Control panel , Check mark the WEP/WPA encryption required.


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