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How do I set up the code for wifi, so no one can hack into my talktalk wireless router. It is set up?

I have set up my talk talk wifi router. When I set it up it was supposed to give me a code which allowed me to stop other wifi users in the area accessing my wifi connection but I wasn’t given this code.

Does anyone know how I can get this code ?

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9 Responses to “How do I set up the code for wifi, so no one can hack into my talktalk wireless router. It is set up?”

  1. elainejhuggins said :

    I think you need to create an administrator password when you set up your internet. Then you will need to use your password everytime you sign in.

  2. Robert W said :

    Go into the wireless security on the router and create your own.
    You should find the IP address of the router listed in the manuals … is probably the format and then select wireless security.
    Using WEP 64 or 128 or WPA will allow you to create a security key.
    Write this down and then use it in the wireless adapter in the PC’s you want to connect.

  3. Ron M said :

    You must generate this code yourself. It wouldn’t do much good if someone else did it for you, then they would know “your” encryption KEY.

    The instructions for generating and installing this code are in the manual that came with the router. You will also need to know the IP for this router so you can access it. It is usually something like, or close to that.

  4. TallPaul said :

    Time to phone Talk Talk.

    See if you can connect directly to your wireless router by opening
    (That may not be the correct IP. On XP, Start -> run -> cmd -> ipconfig /all and look for the gateway IP. That is your router IP).

    Once you are in you should be able to set up some security.

  5. Weekend Warrior said :

    First you need to know what the router’s configuration page is because you have to come up with the security code. The page is usually an all numbers one like You open internet explorer and type those numbers in the address bar without putting www or anything. A user name and password screen will pop up so leave the user name blank and type in admin for the password. From there you should find a wireless settings and the wireless security. The security mode should be WEP and the encryption can be 40 / 64 – bit (10 hex digits) and for key 1 type in a 10 digit security code and click save settings on the bottom.

  6. No_Ki said :

    i dont know but…
    sometimes its given to u by automaticly some times u have to make it urself…
    diferent routers has diferent menus… u have to look into it by ur self..
    or just type ur router name in google and model name and user guide e.g: user guide for talk-talk NK07 router
    it should come up 100% if not then contact ur IP

  7. gazzacroy said :

    look in the router settings by entering mite be different looking you paper work) on the web address bit of your web browser the user name and password should be admin (for both) . look under the security bit it should show you the code there if not you will have to generate one. you mite have to set this up with a wired conection first.
    remember aswell once it all up and running change the user name and password bit too. dont leave it as admin.

  8. captain3249 said :

    Wireless Key Generator,XP/Vista compatible.Good luck!!

  9. ScorpiaX said :
    Check WPA checkbox also.
    Oh and the CMD guy is correct
    If your using OS, you can follow these screenshots or do as everyone said.


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