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How do I share files between 2 Pc’s connected to one internet router?

I have one PC through ethernet and one through wirelss usb? I just want to share some large files through my Netgear router. Im sure theres a way as ive set up a hope network before using 10/100 ethernet.

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7 Responses to “How do I share files between 2 Pc’s connected to one internet router?”

  1. Paul said :

    I would use mcafee it come with software that will do that sort of thing!

  2. Haseeb said :

    it really depends on your os but their is a file sharing system available on vista in which you can do media sharing and file sharing provided both computers are on just go onto the network on both computers and their probably is a wizard to connect them

  3. Marvin said :

    Just run the Network Setup Wizard on both PCs
    This is available in the Control Panel in XP or in Network and Sharing Centre in WIndows Vista or WIndows 7.

    Make sure you choose the same Workgroup name for both PCs

  4. Canon 69 said :

    I use Network Magic. Down load free trial and try it.
    The first few months I kept deleting it when the trial came to the end and then re:installing it.
    I purchased it in the end.

  5. mslenora said :

    Do as Marvin says….but make sure you share the files you want to. Right click the drive or folder you want to share and go to the sharing tab. There should be a hand under the drive/folder you want to share.

  6. Graeme said :

    all pcs need to be connected to the same workgroup, and network sharing needs to be allowed through your anti virus on the computers, that’s if the anti virus comes with a firewall.
    file sharing also needs to be turned on , on the pcs.

    what operating systems are you using.

    you can chage workgroup name by right clicking on my computer, clicking on properties and checking the workgroup name in ther, there is a change button to change it.

    once all pcs are on the same workgroup, you can go to start and run and typ the ip of the pc for example \

    to find out the ip of the pc you goto start and run and typ cmd. hit ok.
    a black screen will come up and you type ipconfig.

    it should say ip address.

    alough to be honest you may not need to connect them all to the same workgroup for this to work..

    any further quistion email me [email protected]
    or join my forum on my site and post a topic.
    we have it guys that will answer your quistions, its new so theres not much on it. yet!

  7. Kim said :

    Try Office Live Workspace. It’s a free cloud storage system that lets you upload, share, and edit up to 5GB of documents. Here’s a quick how-to about the online storage solution:

    Plus, then you can access those same documents from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

    Hope this helps! Best of luck!

    MSFT Office Live Outreach Team


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