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How do I share media files between 2 pc’s on the same home wireless network?. Both running vista.?

I have loads of media on my main PC bit I want to be able to watch them on my bedroom PC. I have a wireless network set up and both PCs are running the same version of vista. I know this is do-able I just don’t know how. Help please??

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2 Responses to “How do I share media files between 2 pc’s on the same home wireless network?. Both running vista.?”

  1. ranjit v said :

    just right click on the media and share .and enable permissions to everyone full control. or just ur user name to full control

  2. mrPhil said :

    How to share files between 2 computer running vista, on the same network.
    A Step by Step Guide.

    Prep the PC’s. – do this on both computers.
    check they can communicate.
    find your network connection by looking down by the clock or going Control Panel::: Network and sharing ::: manage network connections.
    check if its the local area connection or wireless that that specific pc is using to connect.
    double click on the icon
    click details. look for ipv4 ip address in the list.
    check that only the last set of numbers is different on each ip address.
    i.e 192.168.1.***
    if so. good. if not, rewire your network! dont ask me bout that.
    next find ‘my computer’ either on the desktop or in the start menu.
    right click on it.
    choose properties at the bottom of the menu.
    on the computer name tab put in a description of the pc then click
    change. choose a specific name for the pc
    but make sure the workgroup at the bottom is identical! the default is WORKGROUP.
    you may have to restart the pc’s.
    now go to control panel::: network and sharing centre.
    look at the bottom of the page for sharing and discovery
    choose turn on file sharing
    choose turn on network discovery
    click apply.

    find the folder that has all the media files in it so you can see the folder on the screen, but you haven’t double clicked it to open it yet. right click on the folder icon, and choose sharing.
    fill in the details such as name on the network, share this folder and all its subfolders, turn on sharing, etc.
    on the other pc, go to start:: Network and you should be able to see the name of your other PC. double click it, and the folder your shring should be here.
    use the files as if they were on that computer.



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