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How do I take care of a telescope ?

Do you have your own a telescope? You can prolong your telescope’s life if you know how to take care of it properly. When you clean your telescope, you should take proper caution for you might do more damage by letting the dust sit in. The telescope’s optic are very sensitive and inappropriate care may cause damage. To take proper care for your telescope, you will need soft towels, telescope mirrors, hand towels, large cotton balls and swab balls, de-mineralized water, plastic storage containers, telescope eyepiece, blower brushes, camel’s hair brush, bulb, lens cap, telescope mounting, sky and telescope subscriptions and telescope.

Let us start first with the general maintenance, you can make or buy a hood to cover your telescope when you are not using it. Make sure that you keep the lens cap on when not in use. If your eyepiece does not have a cap, you can make one from film canister caps. Store your telescope facing the floor if not in use to prevent the lenses in collecting dust. If you have extra lenses or an extra eyepiece, store them in a food container or plastic bag. At all times, avoid touching the lenses and glass for the skin of your hands may damage them.

Now, when you clean your telescope, you must take all jewelry off your hands. Clean your kitchen sink, lay a towel, and fill it with water and detergent solution. Place the telescope mirror in the sink and use sterile cotton balls to swap it. Use a de-mineralized water to rinse your telescope glass. Then, place the mirror in a folded towel and let it dry.

In cleaning the eyepiece, you can use a blower bulb or a blower brush. Remember not to blow air in the canister to take dust off; this will bring moisture on the lenses. Use an uncut camel’s hair with the softest bristle to brush the dirt of the glass. Now, store your entire telescope accessory separately in a completely sealed container. Remember that a dirty telescope lenses and optics can always be cleaned and scratched ones needs replacement.

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