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How do I transfer huge file from my PC to another PC in different country via internet?

Hi guys
I need to send a huge file, around 90 MB file, from my PC to another PC in other country via internet or any other ways exist so that it is fast and qualitative. Thank you for you help.

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4 Responses to “How do I transfer huge file from my PC to another PC in different country via internet?”

  1. Ron M said :

    Your best bet would be to use File Transfer Protocol, or FTP. Just Google it.

  2. Odie P said :

    you can go to and buy a premium account so that you can upload huge files. the other person in another country can download it via a link that you will be giving…

  3. obiwandog said :

    First the right answers – then the practical ones:
    1. FTP or secure FTP
    2. Put the file on a shared drive that both PC’s can access and have them “pickup” the file
    3. Find a hosting website like Rapidshare / Filecloud / etc. where you can upload the file, secure it wih a password and have it picked up / download by the PC user on the other end
    Now the practical way
    Instant Messaging. Most of the IM programs have an option to “send a file”. I have sent very large files via this method with little issue – typically to India or the UK.

    If the file is not already compressed .avi/mp3/etc. then you should .zip it first to make it smaller – you can also password protect it when you compress it.

  4. Casey Teague said :

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