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How do I transfer my data from a PC onto a new laptop – and how can I clean my hard drive of personal data?

I am buying a new laptop and will be selling my PC which is a P4 running Windows XP.

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4 Responses to “How do I transfer my data from a PC onto a new laptop – and how can I clean my hard drive of personal data?”

  1. dangerousdiva4u said :

    this very hard to do if you are not an expert…my guess would be to find someone who knows computers really well and ask them to transfer all the data from one hard drive to the other. you can clean your hard drive of personal data by wiping the entire drive clean and keeping only those files or programs you want to keep. rebooting your system would be your best bet! ;P

  2. francineleb said :

    there are a few ways.
    1. purchase a CROSSED network cable. (regular network cables are straight-thru). Plug each end into the network jack on each computer. this will allow both computers to connect to each other.
    2. if you connect to the internet with a hub or router, you should be able to plug both computers into it and then share the c drive on your computer so you can access it from the laptop. copy the files you need.
    3. use a software like laplink
    4. usb to usb connection

    To wipe the hard drive on the PC you an either delete all the files or do this:

    “If you want to format your drive when XP is installed, please try the following:

    Set your BIOS to boot to the CD-Rom or hold down the “F8” key to access the system. Perform the following.

    1. Start Computer booting from CD
    2. Choose Recovery Console (R)
    3. At the dos prompt type: “format C:” (without the quotes)
    4. If it asks for the “Administrator Pass Word”, Type it in if you have one or just hit “Enter” to continue. If you use a password…
    5. Commands that you can use, format (drive)/ Q (quick) FS/ (File system fat/ntsf)”

    I got this from the 2nd link below.

  3. smgray99 said :

    Transferring data is easy. You can burn the data onto a CD then load the CD in your laptop. If you have an adaptor that lets you attach the hard drive to a USB port then it is a simple transfer (adaptor cost about $25.00 and comes with a power supply and IDE to USB cable). Transferring programs is a problem – you have to install each program on the laptop, not copy, for them to work properly. Formating the old drive after you are done does not wipe everything out as the information is recoverable. You need a program that overwrites the hard drive completely – most hard drive manufacturers let you download one for free.

  4. IndyOracle said :

    1. Do you have a network available? Then just copy the files you need from the desktop to the laptop.

    2.Equally, The “Files and Settings Transfer Wizard” helps you move your data files and personal settings from your old computer to your new one.

    3. Do you have CD read/write capability? Backup your files and documents to a series of CDs and copy them into the new one.

    4 Lastly, Windows XP has a wonderful function in the “remote desktop”. If you have access to the internet, or a netwok, you can remotely control your desktop from the laptop or vice-versa. Once again enabling you to copy data.

    Keep in mind that you WILL NOT be able to just copy PROGRAMS from one computer to the other. Your programs will have to be re-installed (ie: MS Word, Excel, WinAmp, etc…)

    For added tips checkout the link below “Moving Files and Settings to a New PC”

    Don’t forget items such as your email contact list! In some cases you might have to export the information to a file, transfer the file, and then import the data into your email program.

    Use your Yahoo account to store your current contact list… very handy.


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