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How do I transfer some software from one pc to another?

I have two pc’s.
One was for the house and one was in my office
I am now working from home and I want to transfer some of the software from the work pc to my home pc as this is the better one.
How do I do that?

I have already changed over all the normal word, excel etc documents.

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7 Responses to “How do I transfer some software from one pc to another?”

  1. The musician said :

    Get a USB and copy the files take them and put them on home pc

  2. MacXe said :

    Just copy the installation file for the program, or use the installation disc.
    If there is none, the program is likely an OEM version (cannot be transferred as it’s made for a specific model of computer as chosen by the manufacturer).

    If you are attempting to transfer a software license (for Microsoft software), you must first uninstall the product from the old computer before you are allowed to use it on the new one. Otherwise, your product might fail the Windows Genuine validation check.
    Again, this cannot be done if the software is an OEM version.

  3. Hart Foundation Rulezz said :

    A USB Flash Drive is capible of holdin 128MB-8GB of information

    use one of those. Plug it into your usb drive save the stuff from your home pc on there then take the USB Flashdrive with you to work.

    the information can be transfered from the USB Flash Drive to your work PC

  4. John N said :

    Depends, if it is Mocrosoft office for example, these are program files and you have to have the installation discs. If it is just some personal files, eg. CV, expenditure or other personal files, quickest and easiest way is by USB flash disc or memory stick. Save them onto the flash or stick and transfer them to the new computer.

  5. Ron M said :

    Any software that writes any part of it’s self to the Registry can “not” be transferred from one computer to another. It must, instead, be installed from it’s installation CD.

  6. Twilight said :

    Your Best, and safest option would be to upload it to rapidshare (Private Storage Host company) It will keep your software there for 90 days and can allow you to download it back to another computer as long as you look after the specified link.

    and dont worry, no one can find the files that you uploaded unless you give them the URL or display it on a site like RapidSearch

  7. The Phlebob said :

    Saving programs, MS Word or another, to memory sticks (or CD’s or whatever else), usually will not permit them to be reloaded onto the machine.

    First, it’s very difficult to find all the visible pieces of complex software applications. They’re sometimes in directories other than the application’s main one (the C:Windows directory, for instance).

    Second, application installs often store critical bits of information in a huge system file called the Registry. It’s usually not possible to find all the pieces you need, and it’s impossible to copy the Registry from one machine to another without wrecking the second machine.

    Finally, believe it or not, but it’s illegal. The End User License Agreement (EULA) you clicked past when you installed or registered the software the first time probably prohibited you from installing the software on a second machine. Deleting the software from the first machine and installing it from the CD on the second is usually permitted, but that doesn’t sound like what you’re asking here.



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