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How do you become a admin on a pc when you are currently a Standard User?

I am a Standard user a pc but i wanna be a admin
The problem is I can’t get into a admin account. My dad said there was someway to do it.

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5 Responses to “How do you become a admin on a pc when you are currently a Standard User?”

  1. GlobeHex said :

    You are now limited user with limited rights. To achieve administrator priviledges temporarily :

    1. Right click on a file
    2. Select : Run As…
    3. Pick Administrator

    Otherwise simply click Start / Log Off and select Administrator account from the menu. If you cant see it, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to get login prompt up and select it from there.

    If you don’t have admin password, forget it, its far too complicated and requires software or exceeds your knowledge.

    Hope it helped.

    More tutorials & guides available on my site, if interested :


  2. Sudsmcduff96 said :

    Go into an Admin account (if any) and click on Start>Control Pannel>User Accounts>Your Username>Change My Account Type>Computer Administrator

  3. Domara said :

    You need to go onto an administrator’s account and go to computer settings, switch your profile to admin, and you’re set. If all the accounts that are admins have passwords, then you can’t change it to admin unless you know the password.

  4. nmestel said :

    To become an admin, you either have to log in as an admin (or have somebody else do it) and then go to control panel>accounts and then click on your account and set it to an administrator account. As far as i know, that’s the only way to do it

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