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How do you get access to free wifi in mcdonalds restaurants.?

Do you have to have an account with there network provider and do you need passwords and if so how do you obtain these. Many thanks in advance

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7 Responses to “How do you get access to free wifi in mcdonalds restaurants.?”

  1. Robert l said :

    no i think you search for it , connect and ask for the code only if you buy something of course

  2. sm said :

    ask the staff

  3. Charlies here!!! said :

    Wifi laptop and McDonald’s wifi is called The Cloud and you get 24 hours free and no pass words no account with their net work provider.

  4. executioner_bolan said :

    Have a laptop with wireless modem onboard – simples.

  5. b said :

    I have a nintendo dsi, it has internet capability, it works very well in McDonalds. I just let it search and connect, no passwords required

  6. Ben said :

    Professional corperate places that offer wi-fi make sure their signal doesn’t leave their building. I’ve tried taking my laptop up to the windows of various places and nothing, no signal. You’ll have to go inside. I haven’t tried McDonalds yet, but generaly when you turn on you computer/browser the first web page you’ll see will the company’s wi-fi web page asing for a code you can only get from the cashier or asking for $$.

  7. El Gringo said :

    If you have Bluetooth/WiFi your laptop et al will connect as soon as you walk through the door assuming your laptop is switched on and it is now free in Mc (Has anyone walked into McDonalds with a desktop pc!!) It should ask for a password which you get from the staff. Be aware that any location that does not ask for a password and just connects you automatically is more than likely not secure and should not be used, but that is my opinion so make your own mind up.
    To find your nearest Mc
    Most major airports and Rail Networks are also getting there


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