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How do you make a dvd from footage you took from a video camera?

I’m making an audition dvd and my mom needs to know how to put footage from your video camera on dvd?

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2 Responses to “How do you make a dvd from footage you took from a video camera?”

  1. blakecort said :

    Are you editing the fotage,
    if so, you will require a DVD BURNER on your COMPUTER
    or on someone eles’

    if it’s a DVD camera, shouldn’t be problem.
    If it’s a Mini DV camcorder
    do the following:

    1) Rewind video to begining
    2) attach USB cable that came with camera to computer
    3)open windows Movie Maker
    4) click ‘Capture’ or ‘import’
    5) select file destination
    6) select quality (2.1 mpbs or 3.1 mpbs ,which ever your comp has)
    7)click START CAPTURE
    8)click PLAY on the camera
    9)when finished, click “STOP CAPTURE” then “FINISH”
    10) then, put in blank DVD to DVD BURNER and open DVD burning software. Then, select the file you want to burn
    then begin burn 😀

    any other questions, let me know 😀

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