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How do you remove total pc defender off your computer?

I’m trying uninstalling total pc defender but it doesnt let me. It keeps aksing me to buy its license. Do u have the same problem? How did u remove total pc defender if u can?

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5 Responses to “How do you remove total pc defender off your computer?”

  1. Dragon said :

    that is a spyware here is what you have to do:

    1.Restart your computer in safe mode with networking
    -to start in safe mode click F8 repeatedly while your computer is booting.

    2.Go to
    -click on the tab (under the cnet search bar) that says windows


    4.After installation, click on the REVO ICON on the DESKTOP

    5.Click PC DEFENDER

    6.Force Uninstall the Thing.

    Follow my link if your pc is infected:;_ylt=AkQ.25KfN3yf5k_r2HTVObfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100527075042AAP4XKj&show=7#profile-info-JpubvfDMaa


  2. Jessica said :

    I just removed Total PC Defender from my nephew’s computer and it was extremely difficult.

    Do not listen to any of the other advice listed here because they don’t work (i.e., Add/Remove Programs, Task Manager, system restore, etc.). I’ve tried the usual steps and they don’t work because Total PC Defender intentionally changes various settings and privileges on your computer precisely to prevent you from removing it and there are viruses standing by in memory and other places on your computer that will try to reinstall it if you do succeed in removing it! Here is what I did:

    1. Restart the computer in Safe Mode with Networking and perform a scan with Eset NOD32 Antivirus. This step should stop and kill the viruses running in memory to allow you to install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

    2. Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. You have to rename the setup file once you download it to your computer otherwise Total PC Defender will recognize it and stop it from running. Rename it simply as “malware” and click on it to install it. Once the program is installed, go to the folder (under C:Porgram Files|Malwarebytes Anti-Malware) and rename the “mbam” file that starts the program too or else Total PC Defender will block it as well. You can rename it to “mal” and double-click on it to run it. Perform an update and then perform a quick scan. You can change the file name back to “mbam” after the scan is complete and malware has been removed.

    3. Purchase and install the full version of either Symantec or Kaspersky or ESET Antivirus. Use only one of these three! They are the best according to independent tests of antivirus software. Forget about the free antivirus programs out there because they’re junk. Running a full scan using one of these anti-virus programs should mop-up any remaining viruses and prevent your computer from being re-infected.

    By the way, the virus kept locking up the computer preventing me from installing the antivirus software but sometimes it took longer than others before it locked up and eventually I got Eset NOD32 installed which killed all of the virus-related processes running in memory. The laptop seems to be running fine now. Post back if you need more help.

    Good Luck!

  3. Gary said :

    This one is fairly easy to remove. Simply go into Safe Mode & remove it using Malwarebytes. It’s a great program. I’ve used it for years.

    The good folks over at Bleeping Computer have a step-by-step removal guide:

    Scroll down to the section titled:
    Automated Removal Instructions for Total PC Defender 2010 using Malwarebytes

    Easy to follow instructions, including pix to help you

  4. Sailor said :

    You should disable this malware before running a full system scan with anti-spyware program. Try to reboot your PC, then hit F8 for more than one time to choose “safe mode with networking” and then go under the process table for stopping totalpcdefender.exe process. Then, download anti-spyware, update, choose running a full system scan.

  5. Back said :

    total pc defender is a fake antivirus.
    U have 2 use a “real” antivirus n remove it!
    Unclean removal will make ur system crash.
    My dad was annoyed by this crap also.
    He finally removed it with spyware cease.
    Its Online Scan is really powerful.
    Reboot ur pc>press F8 into safe mode with network>run Online Scan of spyware cease (it updates every half hour)>remove it after the scan.

    Furthermore, it can protect you from future infections.

    This site offers step by step removal guide.


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