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How do you save apps from the android market?

How do you save apps from the android market?
just bought a backflip and need to save/store apps on my phone if that’s possible (it should be.) also, is there a way of bookmarking webpages on the backflip? thanks for your help

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3 Responses to “How do you save apps from the android market?”

  1. Kasey C said :

    1) You simply click INSTALL, and will download and install by itself.

    2) Click the MENU button, click on “bookmarks”, then click on the box with the current page’s name on it and hold it until it “sets” to make the bookmark permanent.

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  2. NoraCat said :

    You can back up apps to the SD card and reinstall them from the SD card using the free Astro app in the Market. But some paid apps are marked “private” and those can’t be backed up.

    Once the apps are on the SD card, if you connect your phone to your computer, you can copy the SD card files to your computer to save them there.

  3. Luke said :

    There are a few backup apps which will back up your apps to your SD card.


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