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How do you speed up a slow computer after using ad-aware program to get rid of all the spyware?

I noticed that it did start running slower after I replaced the power box; I’m running Windows XP.

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3 Responses to “How do you speed up a slow computer after using ad-aware program to get rid of all the spyware?”

  1. jaun kerr said :

    a good program i find is boost windows 2009

    or free programs like ccleaner,advanced systemcare for your registry and defrag your system

  2. Farrell A said :

    there are 23 ways to speedup your computer…
    check them out..

  3. KK said :

    The reason the computer gets slow is due to the registry files becoming corrupted, or messed up, in simple terms. These files tell the computer or laptop how to operate the software installed on the system. If any of these files get messed up, the computer is not sure what to do and this will really slow down the computer. The other scenario is where you download other software, screensavers, pictures, videos, or even music, and this will somehow change the settings on a registry file. When this happens, the original program that needs that file now has the wrong instructions in it. So, it will cause the computer to run slow, or in a worse case, crash.

    You can speed up your computer with a thorough analysis and repair of your registry. The registry Scan will identify corrupt files, paths,and registry keys causing your computer to have errors and run slow.Go to to download registry bot.It is the most advanced and comprehensive registry repair product on the market.It will speed up your computer and make windows startup faster. free download Registry Bot.


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