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How do you transfer music from a mac to a pc?

I just recently bought a zune to accompany my laptop, however due to unusual circumstances, I am not currently in possesion of that computer anymore. However, I do have a mac laptop now. Unfortuantly I can not use my zune w/ the mac. I am currently at my friends house and can use her computer to update my zune. I have the software downloaded, and the zune is connected. Is there any way to transfer the music from the mac to the pc, w/o using the internet (takes waaaaaayyyyy toooo loooonnnnngggg!!). I think we have wires and stuff, but im not sure if that would help.
anyway wirelessly??

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2 Responses to “How do you transfer music from a mac to a pc?”

  1. CJ said :

    Probably the simplest way would be to put the music onto a media that both the mac and the pc would recognise … for example burn to cd or copy to a usb memory stick. However, lacking those you can connect the two machines up in a peer to peer network if you have the right cabling etc. If you have two ethernet cables and a hub or switch it is fairly straight forward. Connect both computers to the hub, configure them both into a matching IP range and set one up to share a folder.

  2. -!-!- said :

    if you could borrow an ipod from someone you know that would be great.. there’s actually a step by step guide on how to do it on an ipod in the apple website. it’s fairly simple too. i’ve tried it. or, like what the guy said above, you could burn them and copy it onto your mac.

    hope this helps.


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