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How do you video chat between a PC and a Mac?

I am going to college and am getting a PC but my friend has a Mac and we want to video chat. So first off, after getting the webcam, what type of software do I need on my PC to video chat with a Mac?

Also, if you know much about webcams, do you recommend any in particular?

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3 Responses to “How do you video chat between a PC and a Mac?”

  1. RonS [WINDOWS-TEAM] said:

    You can download Windows Live Messenger to do this:

    Windows Outreach Team

  2. nathan said:

    skype works great

    if great mac and pc support. look at the webcams from logitech. Great support for both platform, and they make tons of models. Just find one in your price range

  3. ghost.y2kc said:


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