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How far does a wireless wifi expander make the wifi connection?

I’m trying to connect the wifi to my Wii. The Wii is about somewhere between 60 and 80 feet away. Will the expander reach the Wii to give it wifi? How close does it have to be to get wifi with a wireless expander?

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2 Responses to “How far does a wireless wifi expander make the wifi connection?”

  1. mcovelski said :

    60 to 80 feet is not that far for WiFi assuming you don’t have obstructions (concrete wall, metal wall, etc). I’m assuming you’ve tried and it is not working. Perhaps the issue is not one of distance.

    Make sure that your current wireless access point is NOT configured for “Pure G” mode which could prevent Communication with an 802.11b device which I believe the Wii utilizes. The same holds true for an 802.11n access point in that you want it configured for compatibility mode.

  2. jobs port elizabeth said :

    I will credit you back once I have written up the article, Thank


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