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How long can a pc be switched on until it switches off itself?

I switched on my pc a few days ago. I want to know when will it switch off itself if I don’t shut it down?

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4 Responses to “How long can a pc be switched on until it switches off itself?”

  1. spiritfiend said :

    It should stay on indefinitely, but might restart if auto-updates are enabled and a patch is pushed out.

  2. Jeremy T said :

    You can configure power settings to turn it off after an amount of time or it will stay on until you lose power.

  3. Colanth said :

    We have computers at my office that have been running for about 7 years (since we moved into the building we’re in now). My home desktops are never turned off. Laptops get turned off to take them somewhere. When they come back they’re turned on again.

  4. ███Htown Chino███Go Rockets!! said :

    It depend on your settings, if you did not set it on stand by or hibernate then it will stay on until the power lost.

    you can change the setting by right clicking on the desktop click properties..

    good luck!!


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