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How to amplify weak wifi signal and connect to internet?

Hi every body. The apartment complex where I live provide free WIFI but the signal is so weak that I can not have a stable connection. Is there a device that I can buy for my home which detects weak signals and can work as a wifi signal amplifier? Is there any other way that I can connect to internet using that weak signal?

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One Response to “How to amplify weak wifi signal and connect to internet?”

  1. anthony said :

    First, talk with your apartment manager and see if they can do something to improve your signal… signal booster, re-orient their antenna, etc. Also, try moving the computer to different parts of your apartment, especially away from wireless/cordless phones and concrete block walls which can interfere with signal strength.
    There is no “signal booster” for a receiver, but check with your local computer store to see if they carry an adapter (PC card, USB wireless receiver) and antenna for your computer. Not very convenient, but a last resort method.
    Best to let the apartment manager know that you can’t get the service. While it may be “free”, it is part of the package you pay rent for. There must be other renters with the same problem. If not, try replacing the wireless card in your computer. They can “wear out” and lose signal gathering ability. If it’s an internal card, check that the conection wires are still connected (there are 2 wires connecting the card to the laptop. You’ll have to remove a panel or keyboard to find the internal card). If a wire has come loose, you would have very poor reception. An external (PC slot) card could be damaged causing weak reception even though it doesn’t look damaged.
    Hope you find the problem…


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