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How to create a wifi internet network between 2 XP computers?

Computer 1 is connected with a Reliance Broadband, computer 2 also needs internet connection. Please suggest the full process to establish a WiFi internet connection between the two computers?

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2 Responses to “How to create a wifi internet network between 2 XP computers?”

  1. Colinc said :

    that is not the way to do it. For more than one machine you should buy a router. Connect that to the line and both machines to it.

  2. djbon2112 said :

    Please clarify what you mean by “WiFi”. If you mean an actual wireless network, you need a wireless router, into which you connect your broadband internet and connect the other computers (either with Ethernet cable or WiFi). If you just need a wired connection, you can also buy a router (though you can skip the WiFi ones and stick with wired) and connect the two computers, or you can use Network Sharing on the primary computer and connect the second computer directly. I strongly recommend the router option since it is the most flexible in the future and you don’t need to leave your main computer running to access the internet on the secondary.


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