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How to extend the wifi range from my computer?

I do not understand computers and their language so please give clear simple answers.

I live next to free wifi, but I am just out of range to pick it up from inside my house. Is there something I can buy that will attach to my computer to help extend the range it can connect to? There are trees between me and the signal, would that matter?

It would be really awsome if you could include a link to the device I would need.

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3 Responses to “How to extend the wifi range from my computer?”

  1. NotTrafficed said :
  2. darrenforster99 said :

    If your antenna on your wi-fi card is detachable you could buy a wi-fi antenna with higher gain or get one outside

    UK Products

    US Products

  3. Taha said :

    you can not do it by software; you have to get a wifi device with a wide range;
    every wifi device has its own range ; the best way you can get that free wifi, is geting a wide-range wifi device


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