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How to make a wifi antenna without buying a wifi card?

I have a laptop with wifi already built in so i dont need to buy a wifi card.. all i want to do is connect an antenna to my laptop.. Is there some way i can use the antenna from my router and connect it to a use cable and just plug it into my computer?

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One Response to “How to make a wifi antenna without buying a wifi card?”

  1. Jerry said :

    what happened to the antenna? Usually its connected from your motherboard and goes all the way around your lcd screen. Ive never heard of a laptop WITH a wifi card and no antenna.

    BUT, if you really have no antenna with a wifi card, then you can probably access it without taking the laptop completely apart. Most laptops have an easy access RAM upgrade slot and the antenna is usually attached there. If you see two empty pins with no wires connected to them, grab some antenna wire and try to rig something up.

    And whats the point of using wifi if you will be hooked up to your router anyways? 🙂 You can just use the ethernet then??


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