How to mess with neighbors stealing wifi?

I saw an article on another site that showed how to mess with unauthorized wifi stealers by turning all images upside-down on web pages, but I don’t understand any of it. I have a netgear router. Is there any way to mess with them?

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  1. KateJB said:

    Try locking your router down with a password. Then they wouldn’t be stealing it.

    Simple enough, no?

  2. Kevin said:

    Yes, but if you don’t understand it there, you won’t understand it here. What’s more, they may be surfing kiddie porn from your internet connection.

  3. Richard said:

    Turn on weep and change your SSID to another name. If you like you can turn the SSID to invisible and their computer will just keep popping up saying wireless network found and he can never see anything.

    Log into your router and go to wireless security. That’s where you will find it. Note. Put the key that you create on a notepad document and save it. Because you will need it when you set your wireless up. Drop me an email if you need help.

  4. andrewmeierhofer said:

    report it to the cops that is actually theft. but is it really that bi8g of deal? you pay the same each month no matter who or how much you use it. maybe you can work out a deal. like they could pay half the bill and you both could run off the same router

  5. Silent_Stryder said:

    To do what you are wanting, you would need to set up a Linux proxy server or have a Linksys router running Linux. If you have knowledge in Linux then it may be worth it. If you don’t, it still may be worth it if you want to learn Linux.


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