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How to print from my wireless laptop to my printer connected to my desktop PC ?

I have a printer connected to my destop pc and i wish to print from my laptop which is conected to the wireless network on my desktop, i have enabled printer sharing on both PC’s however how to i print from microsoft word ? … When i click print and click on find printer i get a message saying the active directory services is currently unavailable ???

Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks

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5 Responses to “How to print from my wireless laptop to my printer connected to my desktop PC ?”

  1. ringtonelol said :

    [A] you can email it
    [B] you can put it on a jump drive and stick it in your pc
    [C] you can remove the cable that conects the printer to the computer out of your PC into your laptop so that its conecter from the printer to the laptop

  2. mnid007 said :

    You have to add a home network to both computers and then share your printer from the desktop.

    Once you have done that, then you have to find the printer on the home network and add it to your list of printers and maybe set it as the default.

    But, if you have a wireless printer, you don’t have to go through all that.

  3. bob and dolly k said :

    you need to get a wireless printer,you can use that for both

  4. rana n said :

    There are to many ways but you can use for example the remote destop application that is built-in in Windows based computers to share resources between 2 computers, and even totally control 1 remote computer:

    See this link:­/Remoteintro.mspx

  5. Jy S said :


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