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How to restore to my original pc package when partitioned side is infected?

Bad virus caused me to partition this pc. But now with another op system installed it doesnt have any programs that came with it. It doesnt recognize usb ports, no lightscribe, built in wireless lan, media center. And i have no backup disc so can i get my pc back to how i bought it originally?

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4 Responses to “How to restore to my original pc package when partitioned side is infected?”

  1. Mercuri said :

    Contact your computer’s manufacturer and request recovery discs. They should cost about $30.

  2. ?? hi? said :

    I say when you reboot it, it basically restores everything for you.

  3. ninja said :

    Reinstall the system……

  4. Jeanelle the Retard said :

    It depends on what operating system you are running. For a fact, it has a way to recover it. If it was XP, you WILL get recovery disks unless it is a netbook (which is pointless, as there are no CD drives), if it is Vista, or 7, you get a recovery partition and software to burn your own.

    You can recover your PC from the partition if it is still installed, provided you didn’t overwrite it with the new OS, by holding down 0 at startup. If that doesn’t work, you will need to purchase recovery disks of your manufacturer, which cost about $30, then be more careful in the future.


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