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How to share files between my pc and my laptop?

Hello, what is the best way to share files between my pc and my laptop? For now they just share the internet connection through my router (wag200g). The pc connects to the router through Ethernet and the laptop connects to the router through wireless.
Can i share files as it is or will i need a crossover cable?

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5 Responses to “How to share files between my pc and my laptop?”

  1. suzuku90 said :

    You can’t really “share files,” as they’re two different computer. But if you store a file in your email, then you can access it from both computers. If you have two different messenger accounts, that can also be used for file sharing. But I find that the easiest way is to use a flash drive to hold files you’d like to share between computers.

  2. Robert S said :

    Set up a network on both computers. You can do this thru the control panel and using wizards fairly easily.

  3. aspiresniper said :

    Yes, first click on the two computers on the right of the taskbar. Then go to network and sharing center. then scroll down and turn file sharing on. do this on both computers. then put all of the files you want to share in a folder. right click and go Properties > Sharing(its a tab at the top) > Share. go to your other computer and open my computer. the shared folder should be there and you just access it and use basic click-and-drag to move files.

  4. Thằng Trọc said :

    many ways to do but if you don’t know about how to set a network you can use this method

  5. picohat said :

    Yes.. You are ready to share files as both computers are connected to network. Make sure both computers can ping each other and also no firewall blocking (Windows firewall, antivirus firewall, etc). If not too sure how to share files, here are some articles to help you:

    Simple File Sharing in Vista

    Password Protected File Sharing in Vista

    Simple File Sharing in XP

    Share File with User/Group Permission in XP Pro


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