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How to transfer a powerpoint made on a mac to a pc?

I need to get my powerpoint to a pc. I tried using my flash drive but it wouldn’t display my powerpoint on the pc. I have a Mac osx 4.91 or something, and the pc is fairly new so if anybody knows how to get it onto the pc pelase let me know!

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2 Responses to “How to transfer a powerpoint made on a mac to a pc?”

  1. Noah said :

    did the file show on the flash drive on the pc? if no then you need to format the drive on the pc and then try saving it on the mac again.

    if it showed but was a generic icon try adding .ppt (make sure you use the period) to the end of the filename and see what happens.

    also of course make sure the pc has the equivalent version (one year less than mac) or newer of powerpoint installed.

  2. Hoopla said :

    Flash drives are usually a good way. It will need to be formatted as a “PC disk”, but that is the way most of them come.

    You can burn a CD or DVD on the Mac and open that on the PC if you have a Combo Drive or Super Drive.

    If both are on the same network, you can turn on “Windows Sharing” and place the file in your public folder on the Mac. This is fairly advanced, so you should only do it if you are going to be transferring large files regularly, or have no other option.

  3. Buse said :

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