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How to use my laptop as a wireless adapter for my PC?

Hi my wireless adapter for my laptop has been really bad lately and today decided to just stop working. I was wondering how do I use my laptop as a wireless adapter for my PC? I have an ethernet cable, is that enough? I’m running Linux on my laptop and Windows Vista on my PC by the way. Thanks in advance.

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3 Responses to “How to use my laptop as a wireless adapter for my PC?”

  1. Mr Boom Tastic said:

    i’m afraid you cannot do that. just buy a network card for £15.00 from

  2. said:

    Ofcorus you can do it.

    Don’t know wich Linux OS you are using on Laptop.

    Suppose like you are connected to internet via WiFi or Wireless on your Laptop and now you have to configure you LAN card of Laptop to be like this…

    IP Adress:
    Gateway: leave b.l.a.n.k

    Now on your Vista configure LAN card like this…

    IP Adress:
    Gateway: ( Same as IP Adress of Laptop)

    Try to figure out one more thing… that is WORKGROUP… configure same WORKGROUP on both machins.

    One more thing at last… May be you have to Enable Internet Connection Sharing service in Laptop…


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