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I am confused about where all the Android phone apps are?

I got my wife a T-Mobile Cliq (Google Android) and on both the TMobile and Android Market web sites it seems like there is only about 150-200 apps compared to the thousands for the IPhone. Is there some “hidden” source for apps? I am guessing, and hoping, now that droid phones are becoming more popular, companies will start making more apps. For example, US Bank has an app for the IPhone but not the droid.

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4 Responses to “I am confused about where all the Android phone apps are?”

  1. NoraCat said :

    iPhone currently has more apps than Android, because it’s been around a couple years longer, but Android’s now #2 and gaining fast. Don’t use the Android Market website, it really sucks. Instead, use the “Market” app on the phone. There are actually thousands of Android apps, not just a few hundred.

  2. Luke said :

    They are mainly on the android market.

    It might not look like it but there are 30,000+ there.

  3. JavaProgrammer said :
  4. Aaron said :

    U.S. Bank’s Mobile Wallet App is now available on Droids too. You can download through Internet Banking. Below link has full list of supported devices. (I work for U.S. Bank).


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