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I have a Dell PC and printer I want to sell so I can get a Mac. What is the best way to sell my PC?

The PC has a 17″ flat panel monitor, a 4 in 1 scanner, copier, fax, printer, wireless mouse and keyboard, and a 150GB hard drive for starters. It is currently running Windows XP. I need to get rid of it, my business is changing and I need something with better editing and graphis capabilities and is more stable. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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5 Responses to “I have a Dell PC and printer I want to sell so I can get a Mac. What is the best way to sell my PC?”

  1. Michael M said :


  2. Brandon said :

    craigslist. but i want it :] and craigslist is free.

  3. Bob B the bomb said :

    ebay, man, it’s the best way 2 get money, fast.
    with macs, its really easy 2 b creative. i advise u 2 get final cut studio 4 video, and adobe creative suit #3 for phonto
    sell it 4 a little less than its worth, u’ll probably get the money back with higher bids, and itll make people want ur computer more.

  4. bob_geldoff19 said :

    ebay but keep the scanner, copier fax because you can use them on your Mac when you get it. Not sure how much you would get for the PC…probably only $300 – $500 tops
    You might want to keep your XP disk because you will be able to install that on Leopard in Bootcamp.

    Regarding Mac software, in addtion to the Mac and Leopard which comes with it, you would be advised to get iWork08 for $79 (Office software) and Adobe CS3 for Mac. Possibly also Filemaker Pro if you need database software and something like MYOB or Cash manager or suitable cash management software for Mac as well.

  5. Mcgoo said :

    Do a little research on eBay – looking at auctions for the same model, or like computers that have similar specs. This will give you and idea of what you can expect to get for the machine.

    Don’t expect to get much for the monitor or the printer if you try to sell them separately from the CPU. They just do not have good resale values. However, having the all in one printer could be a big selling point if you bundle the units.

    I have seen auctions where the monitor would be offered, free of charge, if the buy – it – now button was used. This would gie you the set price you were asking for. Or you could state in your auction that the monitor will be included, free of charge, if the winning bid is over some set amount. IF it does not make it that high, you can always list the monitor separately.

    Be sure to set a reserve price on the auction, if there is a minimum amount that you feel you must get. This will allow you to back out of any sale that does not meet the reserve price.

    The advice to keep your Xp disk is not good advice. If you keep the disk, you will have to remove Xp from the machine you are selling. This will greatly decrease the value of the machine to the new buyer. Otherwise your new installation will be considered to be pirated by Microsoft, and will not be able to be activated unless you call Microsoft and LIE to them about what you are doing. When you activated Xp on the existing machine, a code that identifies the hardware in the machine is sent to Microsoft and kept on file. Remember they say no PERSONALLY identifiable info is being sent. They say nothing about a code that identifies the hardware in your computer, do they. If you try to reinstall the software on any machine that returns a different code, which a MAC certainly will, you will not be able to activate the software without calling Microsoft and explain what you are doing over the phone to them. I have gone through this, and it is a royal pain. Legally the software, once installed on a machine and activated, belongs to the machine, as long as it remains installed. You can only install it on another machine if it is first removed from the original. You can then legally install on a new machine, if you have a purchased license and not an OEM license that came with the machine. (Purchased license will be on a card or on the Manual cover, OEM license will be a sticker on the computer.)

    If you are using this for business, and Microsoft learns you have an illegal installation, they will come after you. They do not bother with home users unless the catch you making copies and handing them out.


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