I need help with a slow computer?

My computer runs great when its not being stupid. I try to play pc games and its fine and doesnt lag at all until one point and it gets really slow how can i fix this.

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  1. -Christie- said:

    Try using a program (if you don’t already) that cleans the cookies and history (junk) off of your computer. For example, C Cleaner.

  2. Stovepipe Jack said:

    Defrag disk


    Go> start > types services > find supercatch > disable

    Direct x upgrade

    flash upgrade

    disable startup programs

  3. Gavin Grant said:

    USE Ccleaner
    when windows load it have to load some application donwload Ccleaner Its perfect try this website 99 ways to speed up your PC
    tried it on Virtual PC 5 (mac ppc) and it works

  4. Carla said:

    Add RAM & download Reginout to improve performance of your system.

  5. JimG said:

    When is the last time you cleaned your registry and fully optimized your computer? This is a frequent causes of a computer being slow. It is simply overwhelmed with useless and problematic files and programs. I would recommend giving your computer a jump start by performing a diagnostic test. You can get a free scan at


  6. Vikas said:


    Installing additional Memory (RAM), installing a Graphics Card, and upgrading the Processor is suggested.

    Disk fragmentation, registry fragmentation, a number of startup programs & services, a large occupied disk space, a number of installed programs cause a system slow down. I will show you how to defragment the disks and the registry, disable unwanted startups & services, clean-up the unnecessary files from your disk, uninstalled unwanted programs in order to optimize the system performance.

    Taking help of an external software, such as, RegInOut can be helpful while performing some of the listed tasks.

    Here’s how:

    [A] Defragment the Disk Drives:

    1. Click: Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter

    2. Select one or more partitions to deframent.

    3. Click “Defragment” button to start the job.

    4. Wait for completion. Close the window after it has been finished.

    [B] Defragment the System Registry:

    1. Use a third party program, such as, RegInOut.

    2. Download, install and open it.

    3. Close all running programs.

    4. Start the program, and choose the defragment the whole system registry.

    [C] Manage Startups:

    1. Click Start -> Run.

    2. Type “MsConfig” (without quotes); and press ENTER.

    3. From the “Startup” and “Services” tab, uncheck those you do not wish to run at the time your operating system boots up. [Note: Be sure to uncheck the box named “Hide All Microsoft Services” in the “Services” tab.]

    4. Click Apply -> OK.

    5. Restart the system when prompted.

    [D] Free Up the Disk Space:

    1. Use a utility program having disk cleanup facility, for instance, RegInOut.

    2. Open it.

    3. Click “System Cleaner”.

    4. Check-up the boxes for the stuff you wish to delete.

    5. Click “Delete” button to process.

    [E] Uninstall Unused Programs:

    1. Click Start -> Control Panel.

    2. Click “Add or Remove Programs” or Programs -> Uninstall a Program.

    3. Select a program which you do not require anymore. Click “Uninstall” button to proceed.

    4. Follow the uninstall wizard, and restart the system after completion, if prompted.

    [F] Optimize the System for Best Performance rather than Best Appearance:

    1. Right click My Computer icon.

    2. Select “Properties”.

    3. In case of Windows Vista/ 7, click “Advanced System Settings” at the left hand side.

    4. Click Advanced tab, and click “Settings” button from the “Performance” frame.

    5. Select the option “Adjust for Best Performance”, and then click OK -> OK.


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