If I put a bunch of songs on itunes will it slow my computer down?

I have a bunch of cds and I was wondering it I download them all onto itunes, will it slow down my computer? I would say it is about 3 gbs of songs.

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3 Responses to “If I put a bunch of songs on itunes will it slow my computer down?”

  1. Mark W said:

    just use up space, but moving them about will slow your computer down, so when you put them on or load up itunes it will slow down for a bit because it has to load all the info and stuff?…
    ok so actually yes (a bit)
    well this should shed some light..

  2. Mahdi C said:

    Add more to the question and it’ll be more helpful…
    like how big is your harddrive and how much space do you have left?
    then anyone will be able to tell.

    But, having a large iTunes library WILL make iTunes start slow as hell. And worse yet, if you want to PLAY iTunes on your computer (not on your ipod) then forget it… iTunes will be using almost all your processor/memory.
    I hate itunes because it does that. -.-

  3. jeresandjules said:

    It won’t slow it down but it’ll take up a little bit of space. But not that much


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