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If you have open office and ms office trial will it slow down computer?

Does open office slow down computer?
Should i delete ms office trial off computer?

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2 Responses to “If you have open office and ms office trial will it slow down computer?”

  1. bamboomy said:

    The installation of open office alone doesn’t slow down your computer, the agent possible a little. And of course when openoffice runs your computer may be slower when you don’t have much memory, but that’s the same if you use Microsoft office.

    It is not necessary to remove Microsoft office trail from your computer, openoffice will run just fine.

  2. Jallan said:

    Whether either or MS Office trail will noticeably slow down your computer depends on how powerful your computer is, and whether you are running both products at once.

    In short, only “you” can tell whether they are a slowing down “your” computer.

    They did not noticeably slow down a computer I had on which both were installed. Some people have remarked on the web that they use both on the same machine.

    But at work, our technical support fellow was fixing up a computer for a friend. Naturally he installed on it, and that alone slowed it down. The computer didn’t have enough memory to run it. Eventually he stuck Varte on it. Presumably also attempting to run Microsoft Office alone would have also been very slow.

    If satisfies you, then you will be getting ride of MS Office Trail eventually, when the trail runs out. So you could just as well get rid of it now. On the other hand, if you find you prefer Microsoft Office to, despite the extra cost, then you might as well blow away. (Since it is free, you can always get it back if you want it.)


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