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Is it free to surf the internet on your ipod when connected to your home wifi?

Is it free to brose the net using your home wifi on the iphone? also is there a limit as to how much i can surf if im using my home network rather then a blot on or anything like that thanks!

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11 Responses to “Is it free to surf the internet on your ipod when connected to your home wifi?”

  1. Brian E said :

    as long as you do not purchase anything then yes. Because there is no data being tracked.

  2. ~Zoe~ said :

    Yes it is FREEE!!


  3. cen said :

    It’s free in that you don’t have to pay anything to your cellular phone provider. You still have to pay your ISP though, just like if you were using a computer. But no, there’s no additional charge.

  4. mjallday_uk said :

    if your using your wifi rather than the O2 tarrif, then yes, its free, and the browsing amount is down to your ISP.

    just make sure your using your wifi rather than O2…. 🙂

  5. Sexy Scottish Kool Aid Man said :

    if you are using your own home network then it won’t cost you anything…The only limit you have is the limit you have on your Internet ..If you have unlimited internet then you can use you ipod as long as you want

  6. Bob said :

    If you use the wireless feature on your phone then yes it is free. You can tap into unsecured networks like domestic, pubs, cafes railway stations and airports

  7. dom n olli said :

    its free to surf from your phone on your home wi fi, i do it all the time,
    its realy cool, check out live tv, and you tube is very good now, theres some cool direct apps to download.
    have fun

  8. Gizzo said :

    If you are using your home connection, then it is “free” – no extra charges. The only limits are the same ones that apply to your home connection (like when using your computer).

    The only time you will be charged for using WiFi on your iPhone is if you are accessing the internet through a “WiFi HotSpot” at a coffee shop or airport (or similar). Although you have to put in a credit card number to pay so you’re not gonna do it accidentally :).

  9. Defektt said :

    Yes! Besides the cost you pay for your home internet, there is nothing you pay to use your own wifi. Of course, that excludes purchases you make while surfing, but to answer your question, yes, it’s completely free.

  10. raj said :

    How to make a wifi internet connection using the iPod touch:
    To connect to the internet using wifi on the iPod touch, just follow the following steps:
    Firstly, you should be in a wifi zone(an area where you can access wifi) or if you want to use it at your house with your residential internet connection, just get yourself a wifi router(shouldn’t cost more than $50-60) and configure it with your residential internet

    Once you are in a wifi zone, on your iPod touch, go to:

    Settings > Wifi > Turn your wifi ON > Select a wifi network > Key in the WEP(only if asked for) > Connect
    Once you’re done with this, you should get the IP settings and be able to surf the internet with no problem.

  11. Wendywink said :

    It depends on the package you have got with your ISP, some have limited WiFi minutes on some unlimited so you need to check with them what your contract is


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